Muhammad Khairul

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Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash

Do we perceive the world as black and white?
Or were there myriad shades of grey?
Like a rainbow where light divides,
Into iridescent seven rays;

How differently do we perceive light?
Of the colors rendered every day,
Presuming what we sight was right,
Failing to see not another way;

Photo by Nicholas Bui on Unsplash

We cling to things believed it last forever,
Lose all hope when you would flee,
Stayed by your side, currying all favors,
Now losing you alongside all of me;

My world collapsed without you beside,
I became devoid with a hollow heart,
Left by myself with none to confide,
None stood by me…

Photo by Martin Turgoose on Unsplash

To shed the husk of yesteryear,
And to wipe the slate clean for today,
Unlearn the lessons we held so dear,
Resculpt the future with ochre clay;

To chisel my story on a blank slate,
Inscribed on it like exquisite art,
Rewriting the tale to illustrate,
Heeding my soul call seated in my…

Photo by Invonto on Unsplash

We often put others on a pedestal,
Crowned to the likes of kings and queens,
Exalted them to be impeccable,
Like majesties from the Byzantine;

We perceived others as superior,
Attribute qualities that none deserved,
Look upon ourselves as inferior,
While felt disempowered from our worth;

We blocked ourselves from…

Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

Irresolute emotions I can’t decide,
Vacillate between utmost highs and lows,
Like river currents and ocean’s tide,
Ambivalent feelings which I don’t know;

Bury them in me for none to find,
Store it in my heart lest the beans don’t spill,
To cache my feelings and leave behind,
And make deposits where the…

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

From the wounds that don’t dissolve,
To the struggles braved in pain,
We repeat what we don’t resolve,
Project upon others what buried within;

Like a broken record can’t put on pause,
Between our head, it replayed again,
We can’t pinpoint its fault and cause,
Ignored it and assumed it’s…

Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

Like an ink it would stain,
Like blood it would clot,
My thoughts echoed in vain,
Within my head it would fought;

Neither of them were worth a listen;
Like an orchestra performed in dissonance,
Each member plays it’s own rendition,
Feud amongst themselves for eminence,

Each one layered on…

Muhammad Khairul

A Starseed Empath who writes poetry about Mental health, spirituality, awakening, life, love, hope & reality of today. .

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