Muhammad Khairul
2 min readJul 23
Photo by Rebecca Peterson-Hall on Unsplash

Who would think lighting up a candle,
Would mean as a beacon for others?
Realized not what else it could kindle,
Of the hearts which its light could capture;

Would you think a spark could light a flame?
And that flame would grow to be a fire,
And the fire becomes a force untamed,
Burning bright as a beacon to inspire;

The fire would then grow into an inferno,
An unrelenting force unchallenged,
Of which it engulfs and overflows,
Becoming a nova that burns orange;

Not realizing what a spark could create,
Rekindle life back herein a dying star,
Illumine its brilliance and radiate,
Reaching out to the furthest quasar;

The stars would then do the same,
Illuminate stars and galaxies alike,
Lighting the universe with a flame,
Reminding us we are love and light;

Little had we known we are stars,
Radiate hope for others to be seen,
Gleaming light from within our scars,
We each hold the universe within;

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