Muhammad Khairul
2 min readSep 8, 2023
Photo by Ivan Vranić on Unsplash

Feelings are like the gust of wind,
It comes and goes as it wishes,
Leaving its trail under our skin,
Having touched all of our bruises;

A presence that makes itself known,
Demands from us to be heard and felt,
Feelings of which we had disowned,
Buried within our hearts unquelled;

A chorus of vibes and sensations,
Sang the song of Melancholy,
Begged us all to be its audience,
Unheard and unseen by nobody;

Trapped inside our bodies unrelieved,
Burying them within not be seen,
Nowhere to escape, no air to breathe,
Yet we got caught entangled between;

How could we allow ourselves to heal?
If sugarcoating with lies could negate,
Emotions our hearts are afraid to feel,
Reasoning within our minds to evade;

If within us had fought a war,
Can we surrender to come at peace?
The gust within we can’t ignore,
Allow it to gather and be released.



Muhammad Khairul

✍🏼Writer, 📚 poet, 🎨 artist, ❤️‍🩹 HSP empath, 🧠 mental health advocate, 🎓 student of psychology