Homecoming to ourselves

Muhammad Khairul
16 min readNov 24, 2023
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Have you ever experienced moments of disconnect? Instances where you felt lost or disconnected from your soul’s true essence. The feeling of being a stranger to yourself, having no clue about who you truly are nor what you want in life. Yet going through the motion of life feeling haphazard, as if you are at the whim and mercy of every wave life seems to send your way.

If you may wonder, life isn’t doing that to harm or hurt you, it happens because we are simply not rooted within ourselves at the moment. Life is simple rather, life is what happens for you rather than what happened to you. Everything happens at the exact precision of the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You may not like it, but it just feels easier if you do.

Whether you had lost yourself in your job, your role as a parent, or felt simply lost in life in general, you are not alone. It neither mean your life is doomed nor you would find yourselves again. It need not have to happen that way. It may simply mean that you are experiencing a period of incubation and transformation. The key is not to get stuck and fixated in your current lost state but to start tapping into your dormant creative power within to create the life you would love living and imagining. In other words, life needs to flow rather than be stagnant. We create resistance where there is stagnation in it.

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When we lose ourselves, what it means is that we have lost our way, our direction in life, our end goal, our carefully charted course that we once found ourselves barreling down. We had lost the drive we used to use to propel us. We had lost the vision we once used to light the path ahead. We feel lost when the tools we have used to build our past no longer apply to our future and we often mistake those tools for ourselves.

But here is the truth about being lost — we are only as lost as we are in denial.

When we fixate on clinging onto memories of the past and experiences so that they will not fleet away while the future looks bleak and daunting for us to touch, we call it lost. When what had been is so painfully appealing compared to what is coming up next for us, we call…



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