Living Dead

Muhammad Khairul
2 min readOct 5, 2023
Photo by Henrik L. on Unsplash

To die is to live again,
While others lived like the dead,
Living life enduring pain,
Resigned and surrendered to fate;

What is living when we felt dread?
When we are absent from ourselves?
Strung to the likes of a marionette,
A guise hollowed abandoned to dwell;

To linger with no dream nor aim,
Nor ambitions that sparked a change,
Persist with comfort to stay the same,
Living life empty, self-estranged;

Lived false lives we grew to disdain,
Disillusioned with who we become,
To forfeit it all behind in vain,
Giving up on our dreams to succumb;

To feel indifferent is a scourge,
Without a dream, we shall perish,
Buried deep within for us to search,
A purpose deemed worthy of us to relish;

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Muhammad Khairul

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