Muhammad Khairul
1 min readDec 5, 2023

People don’t find their purpose,
Because they intellectualised,
their experiences,
the feelings and emotions,
gets trapped within their heads,
of perpetual thoughts,
leads to nowhere.

Overthinks a lot,
Feels so little
of the emotions,
And do little to none.

Purpose comes from heart,
Most disconnect,
Neither found
Nor known.

Then we wonder.
How could we ever
grasp to find?
While incognizant,
ignorant of the concept
to have a purpose.
When there were little clues,
to no clues left behind.

Most lived in fear,
afraid to know themselves,
neither wondered,
nor questioned,
Hence, swallowed by fear.

Live within a hollow shell of comfort,
Wore cloaks belonging to someone else,
Pretended to be someone they are not,
Became uniform like everyone else,
Leading monotonous lives like others,
While seeked parts of ourselves
within other people,
To realise,
They knew none
about themselves,
When the blind leads the blind,
Yet most follow blindly to be awake.

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