Star Lust

Muhammad Khairul
1 min readAug 22
Photo by Beat Schuler on Unsplash

I gazed above into the heavens,
As I wondered where you are,
Astounded by its stellar essence,
Beyond just the moon and its stars;

While gazing into infinity,
Enchants me till I dumbfound,
Tallying each star that I could see,
Innumerable till I lost count;

Sieved through the unknown aethers,
Having sight from lightyears far away,
Searching for you among the clusters,
But time had run out for me to stay;

My rocket’s about to leave soon,
Destined to land on planet Mars,
Bound to voyage beyond the moon,
Having to live amongst the stars;

I’ll send a text from the cosmos,
From me to you within a Lightyear,
I hope this message not be lost,
Conveying to her that I love her;

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Muhammad Khairul

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